Mayan women from an association of apple growers cleaning and waxing the apples.

Mayan women labeling the apples.

Putting the boxes together

Labeling the apples

Apples waxed and labled.

More apples

From Left to Right: Bernie "Don Manuel," the General Manager and Armando.

Apples in cold storage

Apples in cold storage ready to sent to supermarkets in Guatemala and El Salvador.

Plastic wrapping machine fro apple trays.

Apples in cold storage

New facilities being built to expand processing, storage, and cold warehouse facilities.

Visiting an apple plot of a small producer.

Apple tree

Red apples

Apple stand on the main highway

The Suburban 4-wheel drive got stuck in the mud and we could not continue with this car.

Time to change vehicles and get on the back of a 4-wheel drive Mazda pickup.

Next stop, a resettlement camp for war returnees in the mountains near Cotzal.

We encountered a Shaman (Mayan Priest) in the village performing a religious ceremony.

The Shaman performing his religious ceremony.

The altar used by the Shaman.

A women producer association receives technical assistance to produce pepper and tomatoes.




Plastic greenhouse where the production takes place.


The innocent face of poverty.

A timid little girl.

The women's community association.

A young Ixil boy.

A young Ixil girl with a baby and the Shaman in the background.

Carlos Chacon, Rodolfo Estrada, and Sebastian Marcucci examining a plant.

Rodolfo, Bernie and Sebastian visiting a plant cloning program in the mountains near Cotzal.

One of the plants being studied.

A wild flower

Bernie, taking a break in Acul.

A horse drinking from the river.

The Rock

Hi ho silver!

Victor Rodriguez drove the vehicle and took us to the project sites.

The Acul River

A meadow in Acul

A tilancia project near Acul. These plants are exported and used for ornamental purposes.

Tilancia plants

Tilancia plants

Tilancia plants

The tilancia project

Small reservoir for the tilancias

The inauguration site

Sebastian Marcucci addressing the invitees. Photo: Armando Palomo

Bernie Velarde addressing the invitees. Photo: Armando Palomo

Armando and Sebastian at the inauguration.

The Major of Nebaj, "Don Pedro."

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